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170 E 61st street (4th floor), New York, 10065, NY


Once perceived to be a luxury is now proven to be a vital therapy in adding life to years!

"Massage" is not only a professional medical term and treatment but it is also an art of natural healing of the body and mind. If you feel restless, if you have problem with sleeping or muscle tension pain massage is the right service for you.

At Massage Arts NYC you can expect vast choice of massage and bodywork techniques combined to fit every client's need. We use Massage Therapy, Medi-Cupping, Myofascial Release and Lymphatic Drainage Massage to alleviate tension, pain, reduce fibrosis and swelling. 
Our Therapists work in with medical professionals, personal trainers and other practitioners' and clients who's referrals are highly valued and very appreciated. We correct poor posture, release muscle tightness, scar tissue, and fibrosis and clean up body of toxins true removal of extra fluid. We can help you clients who experience: tension headache, back pain, neck and shoulder tightness, sciatica pain, plantar fasciitis, and more. We don't discriminate. We welcome everyone who needs our help. 
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  • All services are available by appointment only
  • For early appointments before the opening hours please inquire via email
  • Credit Cards and Venmo payments are accepted with online pre-booking
  • With care for our clients and therapists who may have allergies  have fragrance and nut free practice. You may add aromatherapy to your service if you wish. Please use your scented cosmetics sparingly if any before arrival. 
  • 24 Hour cancelation policy applies

Disclaimer: We provide professional services only.

If you are looking for any illegal or sexual activities, please look elsewhere! 


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