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Have you ever thought about what you drink? Everyone is focused on diet, specifically on food but somehow not many people take water into consideration. Many of you think that water is water it is all equal, right? but let me correct you. 

Water comes in many different forms from many different places and therefore it has different properties. Purified water is run through a reverse osmosis system which takes from the water the pollution, chemicals, and heavy metals but also very important minerals which you need to have in your body to stay healthy. Spring water has some minerals but in most cases the pH of the water is acidic.

Buying bottled purified water is not only bad for the environment but also for you. Even though it is sitting bottled in the warehouse sometimes up to 2 years, it may cause osteoporosis (bone loss), hair loss, and teeth loss and disturb your body system in proper functioning. This kind of water is acidic, and it aids in aging and may cause sickness. 

Tap water, purified water, or even spring water have too large molecules to hydrate your body cells, which is why you feel bloated and need to use the bathroom often. 

There is only one kind of water that will incorporate in your cells, will clean it up from acid and toxins, moisturize and oxygenate, that is alkalized ionized water called Kangen water. This drinkable water has a pH 8-10, which means it neutralized the acid in the body. Kangen is a great antioxidant, it has -800 ORP which means it can slow down the aging process 8 times. 

There is only one company in the world that makes medical-grade water ionizers. The company exists for 45 years, it is in Japan and there is made their equipment. It was tested for over 15 years before the machine got on the market 30 years ago. The water machine is made of the highest quality parts and the most expensive metals-platinum and titanium. It has many certifications and excellence awards from medical associations from all over the world. No wonder the Japanese is the nr 1 healthiest nation in the world for many years (the USA is nr 38 on the list).

Why pay for the plastic bottle over and over again? why drink old, acidic, unhealthy bottled or tap water with lye which causes sickness, if you can get healthier get the Enagic water filter ionizer. 

You may say, you can get alkaline water in the bottle... Let me explain something.

Alkalized vs Alkaline

The Enagic ionizer produces alkalized structurally changed water which has micro molecules, it has anti-aging, has high energy and it is alkalized (the pH changes in the use of an electrical charge). This water can NOT cause the stomach lining to burn, kidney failure or raise blood pH which is very dangerous as alkaline water can. 

Alkaline water, on the other hand, has raised pH with the use of chemical additives such as baking soda and Epson salt after being stripped of all-important minerals by reversed osmosis filtration. This water is bottled in plastic made of petroleum, and it is stored in the warehouse for up to 2 years. How that may do any good for you or the environment?

Electrolyzed vs Electrolyte

Many people don't understand the difference between these two words. When water is electrolyzed it is run through a water ionizer which puts on the mineral's electrical charge. Water is with electrolytes when you put a pinch or more of any mineral in it, such as salt, sugar, or calcium. Electrolyzed water is anti-aging and hydration. Electrolyte water has the job to keep the water in the body but does not penetrate every single cell. That is made for preventing dehydration only.

Please, watch the videos below for a better understanding.


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